S. Aurelii Augustini Opuscula:… = The Works of St Augustine (1175-1200)

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S. Aurelii Augustini Opuscula: Augustinus, Retractatio, De libero arbitrio; Retractatio, Soliloquia; De libero arbitrio; Soliloquia; De quantitate animae; Retractatio, De quantitate animae; Retractatio, De magistro; De magistro; ad Orosium contra Priscillianistas et Origenistas; Sermo 9, De decem chordis (object ID P001941646).

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This manuscript originated from the Library of the Cistercian Abbey of Pontigny, France. The manuscript was in the library from the 12th century until the abbey was dissolved by French revolutionary forces in 1790. The manuscript is described in the library catalogues from the third quarter of the XII century. 

It was transferred to Auxerre at the beginning of the Revolution, then passed on abbot Allard, and Edward O’Reilly and James H. Todd. It was auctioned in 1869 (lot number 1395), and acquired by the Reverend Reeves for the Armagh Public Library, now Armagh Robinson Library.