Finding Aids to the Henry Irwin Newspaper Collections in Armagh Robinson Library: annotated Irish newspapers collected by Henry Irwin, ranging from 9th of February 1788 to 14th of November 1799. Indexes in PDF format:

  • Volume I, from the 9th of February 1788 to the 25th of May 1790
  • Volume II, from the 20th May 1790 to the 21st March 1793
  • Volume III, from 23rd March 1793 to the 21st October 1794
  • Volume IV, from the 22nd of October 1794 to the 10th February 1796
  • Volume V, from the 10th of February 1796 to the 10th of October 1797
  • Volume VI, from the 10th October 1797 to the 14th November 1799