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About Archbishop Eames

Robin Eames, full name Robert Henry Alexander Eames, was born in 1937. Although the son of a Methodist minister, he was ordained in the Church of Ireland in 1963. In 1975 he was elected Bishop of Derry and Raphoe, translated to Down and Dromore diocese in 1980, and in 1986 became Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland, retiring from the role in 2006.

Within the Anglican Communion he chaired the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Commission on Women in Communion (1988-1989) and the Episcopate, the Inter-Anglican Theological and Doctrinal Commission (1991), and the Lambeth Commission on Communion (2003-2004). He also co-chaired the Consultative Group on the Past in Northern Ireland with Denis Bradley, which produced its report in 2009.

He was created a life peer in 1995 and sits as a crossbench peer in the House of Lords.

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Arrangement Eames Papers

The majority of the papers concern Eames’ episcopal work in the Church of Ireland, including in relation to the Troubles and peace process, with a focus on public output such as sermons and lectures, correspondence, photographs and press coverage. There is also a small amount of publication copies of reports, and ephemera.

The papers are arranged into 7 series:

  1. Public Output (1969-2009),
  2. Correspondence,
  3. Closed,
  4. Reports,
  5. Press Cuttings (1986-2003),
  6. Scrapbooks (1975-1993),
  7. Nobody’s Fool: the Life of Archbishop Robin Eames by Alf McCreary,
  8. Photographs,
  9. Ephemera.
History Eames Papers

This collection was donated to Armagh Robinson Library by Lord Eames in 2005, with further accruals anticipated in 2024.

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Object number Title Related people Date Dimensions/Pagination Content Description Arc-level PDF
Object number Title Related people Date Dimensions/Pagination Content Description Arc-level PDF
NI APL RHAE 01.04.050 Address extracts: A call to the youth of Northern Ireland, address day, Portora Royal School, Enniskillen Robin Henry Alexander Eames, Author (*1937) 29.11.1989 3 pages Looking to the future of the generation currently in Northern Ireland's schools, desire to break with 'old ways,' calling on young people to build a better future, noting the need for understanding of other communities, and looking toward mutual respect. item RHAE 01.04.050
NI APL RHAE 01.12.005 Statement from Archbishop Eames on the death of a soldier at Bessbrook Robin Henry Alexander Eames (*1937) 02.1997 1 page Statement likely relating to killing of British Army Lance Bombardier Stephen Restorick on 12 February 1997. Conveying sympathy to the family and colleagues and appealing for 'condemnation, sympathy and calm. item RHAE 01.12.005
NI APL RHAE 01.15.020 Easter Day 2000: extracts from the Easter Sermon of Archbishop Robin Eames in St. Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh Robin Henry Alexander Eames (*1937) 20.04.2000 2 pages Referring to peace and reconciliation process in Northern Ireland and Easter's encouragement towards peace. item RHAE 01.15.020
NI APL RHAE 01.01.015 Sermon notes: CIMS [Church of Ireland Men's Society] annual service Robin Henry Alexander Eames, Author (*1937) 01.02.1981 2 pages Regarding faith, vision and hope. item RHAE 01.01.015
NI APL RHAE 01.15.035 Notes for address to Mothers' Union Festival, Liverpool Robin Henry Alexander Eames (*1937) 09.2000 3 pages On theme of Christ's Commission to the Church, and interpreting this through 'to see, to listen, to be.' item RHAE 01.15.035
NI APL RHAE 01.09.064 Draft statement on reduction of level of violence in Northern Ireland Robin Henry Alexander Eames (*1937) ?09.1994 1 page Likely to relate to cessation of IRA military operations announced on 31 August 1994. item RHAE 01.09.064
NI APL RHAE 01.06.032 Address extract: Christ Church, Rushbrooke, Cobh, Co. Cork Robin Henry Alexander Eames, Author (*1937) 06.10.1991 1 page Emphasising the need to show gratitude, and the importance of the Church of Ireland Bishops' Appeal. item RHAE 01.06.032
NI APL RHAE Copy of fax from Church of Ireland Press Office sending address at Dedication of Memorial Window for Northern Ireland Prison Service, St. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast Robin Henry Alexander Eames, Author (*1937); Church of Ireland Press Office 29.08.1996 6 pages For address on 1 September 1996. Paying tribute to work of those in the Northern Ireland Prison Service and reflecting on the window's theme of patience. item RHAE
NI APL RHAE 01.10.059 Address at St. Edmund's College, Cambridge Robin Henry Alexander Eames, Author (*1937) 17.11.1995 15 pages Reworking of lecture in NI APL RHAE 01.10.001. Introduction referring to Edmund of Abington and Northern Ireland, and reflecting on ecumenism on Ireland under the headings: the Irish scene, distinction, a 'religious war', the Troubles, reconciliation, sectarianism, distinction remains, hard questions, and secularism in Ireland. item RHAE 01.10.059
NI APL RHAE 01.11.060 Statement on sectarian attacks Robin Henry Alexander Eames, Author (*1937) 02.12.1996 1 page item RHAE 01.11.060
NI APL RHAE 01.23.002 Sermon preached by the Right Rev. Robert Henry Alexander Eames, LL.B., Ph.D., at his Enthronement in the Cathedral Church of Christ the Redeemer, Dromore, on Saturday, 21st June, 1980, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon Robin Henry Alexander Eames (*1937) 21.06.1980 8 pages Expressing gratitude and emphasising connection to the diocese, asking for support, reflecting on the theme on ministry using three topics: first, of the value of the individual, second, the individual as a reflection of God - including reference to Desmond Tutu and a quotation regarding being 'urgent about God's business,' and third, see ministry to the individual people where they are. Concluding with a prayer. item RHAE 01.23.002
NI APL RHAE 01.07.035 Address: Thanksgiving Service for the Life and Ministry of the Right Reverend William McCappin, Former Bishop of Connor at St. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast Robin Henry Alexander Eames, Author (*1937) 11.10.1992 3 pages Referring to Celtic cross in the McCappin home built by a prisoner in the Maze Prison and its symbolism, giving a biography of William McCappin, his ecumenical relationships, his family relationships and personal life, his work in the Church of Ireland, and giving thanks for his life. item RHAE 01.07.035
NI APL RHAE 01.17.026 Conflict Resolution and Community Building: lecture in Guildford Cathedral, Surrey Robin Henry Alexander Eames (*1937) 17.10.2002 9 pages Under headings: Global and Local Trends: community conflict and its resolution towards community building. Northern Ireland: ongoing political crisis, achievements of peace process, ongoing violence, sectarianism, the role of Churches in Northern Ireland, and the need for ongoing reconciliation and bridge building. Local Lessons - World Application: applicability of lessons from Northern Ireland to other conflicts, moving towards a pluralist, diverse society, and risk of ignoring questions. Nature of a Community: difference as as sign of strength, and the need for listening and understanding. Patience: the role of patience, listening and probing in resolution. Movement: that events change quickly. Trust: trust as a pre-requisite for agreement, and the lack of trust between political parties in Northern Ireland. Incarnation: the churchman's knowledge of Incarnational experience as a basis for negotiation, understanding and rapprochement. Memory: memory's importance in identity and bridge building, and referring to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa. Forgiveness: in the context of apology, community, attitudes, guilt, and its importance in reconciliation. New Testament Insight: referring to Matthew 16:24. Concluding that reconciliation and community building will have 'risk and misunderstanding' on the way to finding agreement. item RHAE 01.17.026
NI APL RHAE 01.17.012 Notes for address at Mansion House, London Robin Henry Alexander Eames (*1937) 25.04.2002 1 page On House of Lords headed paper. Includes reference to the support of the City of London in helping confidence in Northern Ireland, and quotation from Gabriela Mistral. item RHAE 01.17.012
NI APL RHAE 01.17.016 Drumcree - Garvaghy Road: personal statement Robin Henry Alexander Eames (*1937) 02.07.2002 3 pages Referring to dialogue undertaken with officers of Portadown L.O.L. No. 1, that the Orange Order and the Church of Ireland are separate entities, meetings with various representatives, efforts to find a solution, appealing to the Orange Order and Residents Coalition of the Garvaghy Road for absence of violence. item RHAE 01.17.016
NI APL RHAE 01.08.059 Some Comments on the treatment of education in Northern Ireland in the publication 'Sectarianism - a discussion document' [s.n.] 1993 3 pages Under headings: Process, interpretation of education administration in Northern Ireland, and, other points. item RHAE 01.08.059
NI APL RHAE 01.04.008 Sermon: Memorial Service for those who lost their lives in the Kegworth Air Accident on 8 January 1989, St. Anne's Cathedral, Belfast Robin Henry Alexander Eames, Author (*1937) 21.02.1989 5 pages With editing. Opens with Psalm 23:4, reflecting on shock at Kegworth air accident, remembering the victims, paying tribute to response of emergency services, the comfort offered through God, and commending those who died to God. item RHAE 01.04.008
NI APL RHAE 01.02.029 Address: HTS [Harvest Thanksgiving Service], Cashel Cathedral, Co. Tipperary Robin Henry Alexander Eames, Author (*1937) 10.1987 1 page Asking, for what are we thankful? Drawing attention to need in the world. item RHAE 01.02.029
NI APL RHAE 01.04.027 Presidential address to Church of Ireland General Synod 1989 Robin Henry Alexander Eames, Author (*1937) 16.05.1989 10 pages Under headings: 'Lambeth Conference 1988,' 'Living with difference,' 'Women's ministry in the Church of Ireland,' 'Northern Ireland,' 'The Very Reverend John Crooks,' 'Mr Bristow Stevenson,' 'R.B. Solicitor,' 'Chief Officer,' and 'Secretary of the Board of Education.' item RHAE 01.04.027
NI APL RHAE 01.06.016 Address: 150th Anniversary of Aghavilly Church, Armagh Robin Henry Alexander Eames, Author (*1937) 29.04.1991 1 page On themes of thanksgiving, reflection and dedication. item RHAE 01.06.016
NI APL RHAE 01.14.049 Extract from Christmas Sermon of Archbishop Robin Eames, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh Robin Henry Alexander Eames (*1937) 12.1999 1 page Expressing hope for Northern Ireland for the new year and rooting this in the Christmas message. item RHAE 01.14.049
NI APL RHAE Statement for diocesan magazine: 16th June Celebration Postponed Robin Henry Alexander Eames (*1937); Armagh Diocesan Magazine 25.04.2001 1 page Draft with corrections. item RHAE
NI APL RHAE 01.05.065 Christmas Message 1990 Robin Henry Alexander Eames, Author (*1937) 12.1990 2 pages On the topic of love and hope at Christmas, mentioning conflicts in the Middle East and Northern Ireland and those working towards understanding, and looking to hope for the future. item RHAE 01.05.065
NI APL RHAE 01.14.016 Service for restoration of St. Mark's Church of Ireland, Dundela, Belfast Robin Henry Alexander Eames (*1937) 25.04.1999 3 pages Based on Psalm 28:9 and acknowledging heritage of St. Mark's, Dundela. item RHAE 01.14.016
NI APL RHAE 01.09.037 Extracts from speech at Northern Ireland Grain Trade Association Limited Twenty Ninth Annual Dinner, at the Culloden Hotel, Craigavad, Co. Down Robin Henry Alexander Eames (*1937) 28.04.1994 5 pages Noting the importance of the farming community in Northern Ireland, challenges facing the farming community, and the global market. item RHAE 01.09.037