At the library we offer the following reproduction services:

To pay for reproductions ordered over the phone or via email, click here.

Copy service

Staff can make copies from printed works that are dated post-1800 and in a good condition.

  • A4 b/w  10p per copy/scan
  • A4 colour 20p per copy/scan
  • A3 b/w 20p per copy/scan
  • A3 colour 40p per copy/scan

Copyright fees for reproducing images

  • Black and white image, each separate use: £20.00
  • Coloured image, each separate use: £40.00

Digital images taken by researchers

Researchers are permitted to take digital images of works for research, private study, review, or news report. Permission needs to asked, and a form needs to be signed to that effect.

Digital reproductions

Staff can make high quality digital reproductions from works that are dated pre-1800 works, and send these via email or CD-Rom.

  • £10 for the first image taken
  • £1 for any following image.

In addition, there will be a flat fee of £5 for the provision of a CD-Rom. Provision of the images via email will be free of charge.

If reproductions are going to be used for research, private study, review, or news report, this form needs to be signed to that effect.

Images provided by the Library are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Please use the following credit line: ‘Reproduced by kind permission of the Governors and Guardians of Armagh Robinson Library’

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Reproduction Fees