Our historic library and museum are open for visits. We look forward to offering you a warm welcome!

There is no need to pre-book casual visits, just press the buzzer at our main door and we will let you in!

Please make sure to check our events calendar for any exceptional closures before you make your trip!

Groups & Researchers

Groups are very welcome to book a tour to both the Library and No 5. Please check our group tours page for more information.

Our collections are available for researchers : contact the office to book a research slot, so we can have the material ready for you!


For a close up look, go to our virtual tours page!



Please check our full event calendar for any closures, before you make your visit!


Armagh Robinson Library and No 5 hold regular temporary exhibitions, displaying many wonderful examples from our collections of manuscripts, printed books, pamphlets and periodicals, atlases, prints, coins, gems, medals and archaeological artifacts.

Have a look at some examples on our collections page , or visit our online exhibitions.



  • star rating  We visited this wonderful library and had the amazing benefit of the very dedicated assistant keeper, carol, to guide us and point out some of the highlights. This made vis

    avatar thumb C C
    September 15, 2021
  • star rating  We visited this wonderful library and had the amazing benefit of the very dedicated assistant keeper, carol, to guide us and point out some of the highlights. This made visit... read more

    September 15, 2021
  • star rating  Just amazing. Completely fascinating, totally absorbing. Carol looked after us so well, and we spent a wonderful couple of hours browsing through Rubens sketches. looking up our hometown... read more

    avatar thumb Nick K
    September 14, 2021
  • star rating  Just amazing. Completely fascinating, totally absorbing. Carol looked after us so well, and we spent a wonderful couple of hours browsing through Rubens sketches. looking up our hometown... read more

    September 14, 2021
  • star rating  Our visit to the Library and No.5 truly exceeded our expectations. We were warmly received, expertly guided and left feeling like we had had the full VIP experience. Thanks to... read more

    avatar thumb
    July 2, 2021
  • star rating  Our visit to the Library and No.5 truly exceeded our expectations. We were warmly received, expertly guided and left feeling like we had had the full VIP experience. Thanks to... read more

    avatar thumb Sightseer315350
    July 2, 2021
  • star rating  Our visit to the Library and No.5 truly exceeded our expectations. We were warmly received, expertly guided and left feeling like we had had the full VIP experience. Thanks to... read more

    Tara C
    July 2, 2021
  • star rating  Amazing library, with history over a centuries old, beautiful staff that go far and beyond to assist you with your Ancestory.

    August 14, 2019
  • star rating  Amazing library, with history over a centuries old, beautiful staff that go far and beyond to assist you with your Ancestory.

    avatar thumb
    August 14, 2019
  • star rating  We missed out on seeing Trinity College's library but this place totally made up for it! Free of charge, you just ring the doorbell and they will let you... read more

    August 11, 2019

Visitor Book Comments

    • So many lovely books
    • Very informative morning about Brian Boru
    • Thanks for your very generous help
    • Breathtaking
    • A wonderful, authentic and interesting library!
    • I could get lost here
    • Thanks for your help!
    • Such awesome smell !
    • Homely :-)
    • Lovely Place
    • "Welcoming and beautiful place of learning. Many thanks!"
    • "Wonderful library full of history. Very warm and friendly welcome."
    • "Thank you for letting us enjoy this exceptional library: we love its motto!"
    • "Thanks so much for all your help and for being so accommodating!"
    • "Lucretius still lives here! Oh joy!"
    • "Breathtaking"
    • "One of my favorite places"
    • "Enthralling"
    • "I am in awe!"
    • "Don't want to leave!"
    • "Such a treasure you have in here! Thanks for letting this 17-year-old boy touch and read one of your books!"
    • "Molto interessante, splendida" [Very interesting, splendid]"
    • "How stunning! What a great selection of old books kept together in great condition. And what a lovely welcome we received! Thank you."
    • "Impressive, very well-preserved."
    • "A treasure trove"
    • "Wonderful exhibition on bookplates. Thank you!"
    • "A beautiful library, worth many visits"
    • "Fabulous place for a student of English Literature"
    • "Amazing piece of history. Very helpful staff. Thank you."
    • "Beautiful room, really impressive!"
    • "Great treasure hunt!"
    • "Beautiful library and really interesting, thank you!"
    • "Wonderful find, truly brilliant that the wonderful collection can be enjoyed by all."
    • "Thank you for letting me see the beautiful books."
    • "Having a marvellous experience to visit this place after a beautiful sung Even Prayer in the Cathedral."
    • "Thanks for your impressive hospitality."
    • "A real gem of a public library! The wonderful maps, books and manuscripts in the library are inspiring & exciting. We will be sure to visit again!"
    • "A beautiful library with very helpful and accommodating staff."
    • "A treasure. Extremely welcoming  and a fascinating visit."
    • "A precious gift to be held cherished, revered and used."


    • Wonderful
    • Beautifully presented
    • A very informative visit as part of Brian Boru celebrations
    • Amazing books and very kind and friendly staff.
    • Wonderful experience of a lifetime. Thank you, thank you.
    • Terrific content
    • Marvellous help with the Book of Armagh and the parish of Ballymoyer
    • Wow, such tomes. A pleasure to view Gulliver's Travels!
    • An inspiring place...
    • It was very interesting and enjoyable.
    • "Very much appreciated the building AND the helpful staff."
    • "Beautiful and the staff are lovely."
    • "Very informative, very enjoyable."
    • "Thank you so much for the explanations the true Irish welcome!"
    • "A veritable gem!"
    • "Staff very helpful. A beautiful library, enjoyed coming here very much."
    • "We are so grateful that friendspointed out this wonderful library to us!"
    • "Lovely venue for a concert." [Culture Night]
    • "Great events at Culture Night- special place."
    • "Thanks for all the informative help! A wonderful place!"


    • Lovely building. Helpful tour guide
    • Great history
    • Fascinating visit
    • The kids loved it!
    • Very interesting and educational
    • A hidden gem!
    • Would like to spend more time here
    • Best part of the day
    • Brilliant museum!
    • Excellent. Coming back!
    • Impressive in absorbing history!
    • A very nice visit
    • Informative, fun and thoroughly enjoyable
    • Fascinating. A classic cabinet of curiosities. Great insight into th era
    • Great to see building so well maintained
    • Well organised and presented
    • Very nice people
    • Great guided tour!
    • Certainly worth seeing
    • Very worthwhile visit
    • Stephen is lovely and very informative. Zena is delightful
    • Lovely building
    • Beautiful museum
    • Gorgeous!
    • Extremely interesting and friendly. Thank you
    • Fascinating history and displays
    • Brilliant place
    • Fascinating and evocative
    • A gem
    • Lovely music
    • A beautiful venue
    • Thanks so much. Lovely building and such a great tour given by Stephen Day
    • Very interesting and enthusiastically maintained
    • Thanks for great morning
    • Thank you for the great tour
    • Exciting
    • Beautifully presented
    • Very interesting! For the first time I was actually allowed (wearing white gloves) to have a look inside the tomes I always see in libraries in stately homes
    • Wonderful explanations about this library and the story of Armagh. Thank you so much!
    • Amazing, staff are so friendly and Helpful. My husband is drooling, will have to drag him out.
    • Thank you so much for keeping the library open to public.
    • What a mine of information! & Given by a lovely person.
    • very interesting - and very friendly and helpful staff
    • Very nice and welcoming place! Thanks for welcoming us!
    • Absolutely fascinating. Many of us will return for a future look
    • This is probably the best library in Ireland. It is wonderful.
    • Beautiful building and interesting history
    • Wonderful tour!
    • Execllent, needs another visit
    • A great space, great resource, excellent staff. Well worth visit
    • Very well restored and presented
    • Very interesting coin collection
    • Terrific, gets better each year!
    • Lovely, such a wonerful museum!
    • Fantastic design, very interesting
    • Beautiful and pleasant
    • Fab space
    • Great place to visit
    • Magnific!
    • Merci, c'est magnifique!
    • Fabulous
    • A truly priceless insttution- with amazing resources.
    • Thankful for opportunity to enjoy wonderful history. Brilliant, most wonderful people
    • Peaceful place
    • Beautiful preserved books, lovely staff!
    • Hire me!
    • One of the best place I have visited in a while.
    • Wow. Just wow.
    • Wonderful visit, thanks!
    • Very interesting, with very helpful, informative curator
    • Lovely building and excellent interesting tour
    • Thank you for preserving the riches of history for future generations
    • Thank you for your help in locating pictures, early 1900s. Wonderful to see how my great grandmother lived.
    • Beautiful buildings - such an amazing, historical place
    • I think this Library is awesome
    • Beautiful, cosy library. It's a magical place which brings you back to the ancient times. Loved it!
    • Fantastic library with many fascinating books. It shows what a library means.
    • A joy to behold!
    • Superb
    • Breathtaking, wonderful to see such a collection!
    • What a beautiful library! Kids loved it too!
    • My husband is today 60: this is a nice present!
    • Well worth the walk up the hill, fascinating
    • Thank you so much for organising our visit. Love it.
    • Fascinating range of material. Thank you so much for your hospitality
    • A great task to keep this library functioning. Thank you
    • Enjoyed doing the quiz
    • Interesting and informative. Enjoyable quiz for children
    • Quel merveilleux et interessant accueil. Merci beaucoup, ce sera un bon souvenir.
    • A remarkable collection and room. Long may it flourish!
    • Fascinating to see james Usher's book on using the Bible to put an age on the the creation of Earth. And wonderful to see works by Jonathan Swift, manuscripts on food and drink and to spend time in a beautiful old library. Thank you.
    • Amazing collection of books. Particularly enjoyed the works by J. Swift.
    • Excellent place and guide. Great patience with deaf group. Thanks.


    • Great visit, thank you!
    • Very interesting, thanks
    • Brilliant!
    • Great colelction, thank you!
    • Lovely museum, tahnk you very much!
    • Terrific!
    • The best birthday present! Pure delight!
    • Great guide, we learned a lot!
    • Excellent presentation
    • Very friendly
    • Wonderful tour
    • Fantastic acoustics
    • Very nice, wonderful guide and info
    • Very interesting and helpful
    • Beautiful exhibition
    • Excellent history
    • Very enjoyable and informative
    • Look forward to coming again
    • Lovely building
    • Friendly and very informative, thank you
    • Lovely building
    • Very well presented
    • Excellent tour
    • Astounding. A hidden gem
    • Very friendly and generous with his time, thank you
    • Lovely tour
    • Definitely entertaining!
    • Wonderful museum. Hidden gem
    • Very interesting and nice architecture
    • Excellent facilities
    • I love this place!
    • Looking forward to another visit
    • Fab!
    • Really interesting tour, children really enjoyed it, thank you.
    • Fantastic restoration!
    • Excellent, thank you!
    • Lovely building
    • Excellent displays
    • A great discovery
    • Enjoyed my time
    • Wonderful guide
    • Excellent venue [storyteling project]
    • Sooo interesting!
    • Very good. Will come back
    • Thank you - fantastic learning about history of Armagh
    • Excellent, very interesting
    • Really enjoyed learning about local history
    • Grateful!
    • Must come back again
    • Excelent, well laid out and informative
    • Amazing experience
    • Thank you for another great visit. Lots of discussion!
    • Children loved Lawrence and the letter writing. Thank you! [Georgian Day]
    • Very inspiring, great characters! [Georgian Day]
    • Very friendly and helpful staff


    • Thank you Stephen for the visit
    • Absolutely beautiful - thank you
    • Super place
    • Lovely building
    • Interesting history
    • Fascinating and valuable
    • Fantastic displays
    • Thank you for the informative discussion
    • Fantastic, great guide!
    • Amazing!
    • Astonishing
    • Excellent explanation
    • Brilliant
    • Fabulous
    • Excellent tour guide!
    • Fantastic coin collection - many thanks!
    • Merci pour cette belle exposition
    • Very enjoyable
    • Stephen was great. Such a lot of interesting info.
    • A return visit to hear all this interesting information
    • Wonderful collection
    • Wonderful information and beautifully laid out
    • Superb. Well collection presented
    • Thanks to everyone who showed us around
    • Lovely building. Very interesting and welcoming
    • Fascinating afternoon's visit
    • Nice welcome. Great intro, interesting content
    • Brilliant tour!
    • Beautiful coins
    • Great tour! So interesting - a lovely place
    • Stunning views
    • Amazing


    • Lovely building & amazing coin collection
    • Beautiful building and great tour. Thanks
    • Interesting and well done
    • Very good information
    • Beautiful records
    • Beautiful - a gem!
    • Incredible!
    • Really interesting & enjoyable. Lovely building
    • Fascinating
    • Lovely building
    • Thank you for an interesting time
    • Very nice to see renovated
    • Thank you for the tour- very informative
    • Magnificent
    • Great place, great guide
    • Gorgeous
    • Super!
    • Excellent. Stephen brings it all to life for pupils.
    • Really interesting - a little goldmine!
    • Excellent, thank you!
    • Most informative
    • Very interesting
    • A pleasure to visit
    • Thoroughly enjoyable
    • Unique and well presented
    • Super exhibit
    • Really interesting, thank you!
    • It was great to visit you and we enjoyed staying here
    • Very interesting and enjoyable visit. Thank you
    • A lovely surprise!
    • An absolute joy to find
    • Wonderful!
    • Hidden gem
    • Excellent
    • Educational
    • Fun quiz
    • A local gem
    • Very good
    • Thank you for your hospitality
    • Fascinating local history
    • Most interesting day. Thank you
    • Hidden secret
    • Fascinating place
    • A wonderful collection and building
    • Great asset
    • Well worth visiting, great guide!
    • A lovely surprise on my travels
    • Beautifully laid out
    • Informative visit
    • Very helpful guide
    • Fantastic visit


    • Very lovely place
    • Excellent visit. Stephen very helpful
    • Superb! Beautiful building
    • Thank you so much. I loved it!
    • Fascinating!
    • Lovely experience
    • Hidden gem. A brilliant museum
    • Extremely enjoyable. Many thanks
    • Lovely building
    • Thank you very much for informative morning
    • I had a very nice visit. The guide is so passionate!
    • Very interesting & well explained tour by guide.
    • Amazing
    • Lovely museum & great guide!
    • Great visit
    • Great memories
    • Fantastic!
    • Very rewarding
    • Just superb
    • Will be back!
  • A fantastic exhibition of Ancient texts through Christian perspectives. Very enjoyable for all the family. Thank you so much!

    A gem!

    Very interesting and helpful

    Extraordinary! Beautiful, important, enlighting

    An impressive place with lots of history. Thank you for letting me feel such atmosphere!

    Like walking into the past.

    This place is magical and as beautiful as the librarian's eyes - who, moreover, was lovely and really helpful. From two bookworms in love with old historic places. An hidden gem!

    Wonderful building and incomarable position, and a delightful introduction to the Armagh Public Library. Many thanks.

    One of the most amazing places to bring children!

    Quelle magnifique surprise que ce trésor!

  • Vistor Book

    Absolutely beautiful! Love the history in this building

    Such a wonderful place filled with treasures!

    A gem in the heart of Armagh

    The history hidden here is absolutely amazing

    What a wonderful treat for a bibliophile! Beautiful place.

    Back again as the library as such a treaure of Armagh.

    Treasure trove! Thanks as always for wonderful hospitality.

    What a treasure, keep up this great place. Different world.

    Beautiful library filled with so much history. It has been fun seeing some of it. Thank you!



  • "Great welcome, and wonderful books!"

    "Fantastic, tahnk you for your help."

    "Very helpful and informative."

    "What an absolute gem. Staff was delightful and so helpful."

    "Wonderful collection in a beautiful building.!

    "How eodnerful that the collection and building have been maintained"

    "A fabulous and interesting place - to stimulate thoughts."

    "A most fascinating collection. We were all made so welcome. Thank you."

    "Wonderful experience, the best room we have visited!"

    "A great collection. I felt very privileged to visit this library."


    • "A very impressive library with a warm welcome. Thank you very much."
    • "Interesting building, we'll be back for a longer visit."
    • "Lovely old building. Great exhibits, friendly welcome."
    • "Wow! I love this library, it is so lovely to be able to see it and everyone is so helpful. Thank you."
    • "Remarkable, accessible and interesting. Thanks."
    • "Very interesting. Enjoyed seeing book of Gulliver's Travels."
    • "Peaceful: lovely place and lovely staff."
    • "It's amazing to be so close (in person and feeling) to history"
    • "Thank you very much for your kind hospitality. The kids enjoyed in particular the copy of Book of Kells!"
    • "An oasis of calm!"



    • "Most interesting, enjoyable visit - will tell others about it."
    • "Incredibily interesting."
    • "Beautiful! Such a lovely resource!"
    • "What a treat! Timeless elegance!"
    • "Very warm welcome! I could spend hours admiring these old books..."
    • "A truly heart warming place... it does one good to be here.. Thank you so much!"
    • "Outstanding collections in one space, we loced it, thanks."
    • "Gorgeous! And thanks for putting the books out of us!"
    • "Wonderful to see such old books."
    • "A beautiful and restful place."
    • "What a treasure you have here!"
    • "A beautifully displayed library of amazing range and quality - Thank you!"
    • "What a wonderful experience!"
    • "Wir sind begeistert über diese außergewöhnlichen Schätze" [We are enthralled by these extraordinary treasures]
    • "What an amazing library, suprised to find so many Pirenesi prints"
    • "A special, unique and stunning library. Delighted that we can continue our link." [Royal School, Armagh]
    • "Wonderful visit! Beautiful collection and lovely guide."
    • "Absolutely stunning. I didn't want to leave the room and [could have] stayed in here forever. It captivates your soul."
    • "A remarkable visit. We all enjoyed the craic, the laughter and the books above all. Thank you." [group visit]
    • "A world class collection. I await the delight of a further visit from the Antipodes, Australia. Thank you very much."


    • "It is very impressive to see Swift's first edition!"
    • "Fantastic room!"
    • "Impressive"
    • "Unique"
    • "Nostalgic"
    • "Wonderful atmosphere, friendly and helpful staff"
    • "A delight to visit"
    • "Wooooow!"
    • "Die Bibliothek ist sehr eindrucksvoll (The Library is very impressive)"
    • "Superb, nice"


  • Visitor Book
    • Wonderful and very helpful, thank you
    • Absolutely magical
    • Just a magical space
    • Wonderful display of history
    • Amazing, einfach wunderschön!
    • Great to see old church writings
    • Overcome!
    • Nicely kept building, magnificent
    • Very atmospheric
    • Magnifique bibliotheque et accueil chaleureux (magnificent library and warm welcome)
  • Visitor Book
    • One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen!
    • Indeed a healing place for the soul
    • Very impressive
    • Lovely library
    • A wonderful collection. Thank you for showing it to us
    • Amazing, fascinating!
    • Fills you with pride
    • We'll be back
    • Very helpful
    • Filled with knowledge
  • Visitor Book
    • Beautiful library
    • Wonderful library, thank you for looking after it
    • Amazing library, well kept and great staff
    • Terrific, thank you
    • Very enjoyable visit
    • A remarkable and lovely library
    • Beautiful library
    • Amazing space
    • Impressive
    • loti iespaidigi [Latvian: very impressive!]


  • Visitor Book
    • Thank you for a great tour!
    • Lovely!
    • Helpful and most interesting
    • Fascinating
    • So wonderful, thanks!
    • Here's to the next few hundred years, terrific, thank you
    • A remarkable and lovely library
    • A very useful and helpful visit. I learned a lot! Thanks!
    • Brilliant
    • Mighty
  • Vistor Book
    • Wonderful
    • Beautiful place
    • Really interesting, a real treasure in a city of surprises
    • Excellent, great to see
    • Very helpful staff
    • Fond memories
  • An eye opener

    Located opposite the Cathedral Some interesting items are kept in the Library. Ask and the staff will show you. Worth a visit.

    Trip advisor review, 14 January 2015

  • Morning on the Hill programme

    "The Armstrong [Primary School] will continue to promote this great opportunity to showcase the wonderful history that Armagh has to offer and part of that is very much the way you all engage with the children.  Over these last few years, the children will regularly mention the Morning on the Hill as their favourite trip and activity in P5 so it definitely makes a lasting impression".  

    Steven Vennard, Teacher.

  • Visitor book

    A selection of comments:

    Beautiful views.
    Well worth the visit. Good information.
    Very helpful staff. Most interesting.
    Super. Will be back.
    Exciting local history.
    Wonderful collections – beautifully shown.
    Wonderful interesting building -truly memorable.
    Excellently presented.
    A great find.
    A hidden gem – fascinating!
    Great tour – very interesting.
    Wonderful new experience.
    Absolutely fascinating.
    A lovely piece of history.

  • Visitor Book

    "A fresh "fix" of beautiful library and sense of belonging in history."
    "Huge thanks for a wonderful display"
    "This place really does Northern Ireland proud. Thank you."
    "For all eternity!"
    "A lovely library and a most helpful staff. Great case exhibits."
    "A lovely surprise"
    "Excellent collection"
    "What a fantastic place!"
    "A special find!"
    "Lovely, welcoming library"

  • Visitor Book

    A selection of comments:

    "Brilliant place"
    "Will be back with U.S. visitors"
    "Lovely lighting and exhibits"
    "Lovely museum"
    "Very helpful staff"
    "Wonderful find!"
    "What a lovely surprise behind the façade"
    "Hidden gem, loved it!"
    "Exhibition is very accessible."
    "A grand collection"
    "I've always wanted to see an actual Ogham Stone"
    "An oasis!"
    "Excellent restoration"
    "Steeped in history."
    "Thanks for warm welcome."

  • Visitor Book

    A selection of comments:

    "We cherished being here"
    "Spectacular experience!"
    "As a retired Fr BG and lover of Irish History, my deep compliments for 'guarding' the 70th flag so well!"
    "Quite outstanding, what history"
    "Lovely as ever"
    "The library is an absolute gem"
    "A wonderful part of our heritage"
    "I like this a lot"
    "Have often wanted a peek inside, and am not disappointed"
    "Excellent. Very helpful and friendly staff!"

  • Visitor Book

    A selection of comments:

    "A beautiful space and peaceful to read in"
    "A gem and wonder"
    "Totally amazing, thank you!"
    "A true treasure!"
    "Wonderful to see it preserved and conserved"
    "Gratitude for this treasure"
    "A fascinating collection!"
    "Beautiful books, nice smell!"
    "Wow : )"
    "Long may it be accessive"
    "Thank you for being so welcoming"

  • A selection of comments:

    "Wonderful opportunity to glimpse into the past!"
    "Fantastic people and resources. A really beautiful place"
    "Thank you"
    "Wonderful Library. Delightful visit."
    "A treasure indeed!"
    "Always a must for my holiday!"
    "I'm in love!!"
    "Greatly enjoyed looking around"
    "Looks like a movie set"
    "Wonderful, great old books in good condition, nice people!"
    "Smells fantastic"
    "Very instructive collection"
    "A healing place indeed"

  • A selection of comments:

    "A very enjoyable & informative afternoon. Thank you to the Library staff for "their helpfulness."
    "What a wonderful treasure"
    "Wonderful resource"
    "Beautiful and very well cared for!"
    "Wonderful- a learning experience"
    "Superb collection of historical works"
    "Atmospheric and fascinating"
    "Very thought provoking!"
    "One of the most beautiful libraries I have ever seen"

  • A selection of comments:

    "Fascinating, thank you."
    "Most interesting."
    "Lovely staff"
    "Everything excellent"
    "Lovely building"
    "I am in awe"
    "Amazing collection"
    "Most impressive"
    "Thank you for display of manuscripts!"
    "Beautiful smell of books"

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