Videos for Lockdown : Morning on the Hill

Morning on the Hill school visit

This week’s instalment of our Videos for Lockdown series consists of three separate videos, making up our ‘Morning on the Hill’ school visit. These videos are aimed at Key Stage II year groups.

We want to acknowledge Cameron Martin, a Year 4 Primary Student at Stranmillis University College, who worked with us on the Videos while on an Alternative Placement in his final year. He undertook this work remotely and we thank him for his willingness to work with us in this way. It was a pleasure to learn that he remembered being on a ‘MoTH’ visit while attending a local school.

Below the videos we have included two documents: an outline of where the ‘Morning on the Hill’ videos fit within the KSII curriculum, and a feedback form. We would be grateful to receive feedback from teachers and pupils on the Morning on the Hill videos.

Morning on the Hill at Armagh Robinson Library

Morning on the Hill at No 5 Vicars’ Hill

Morning on the Hill at St Patrick’s Cathedral

This video was produced with funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. It is part of a series of “lockdown videos” on a range of subjects, and for a range of audiences.

With these videos we aim to strengthen our existing links with people and groups, make new connections, and keep our name in people’s minds during lockdown.

We hope to welcome everyone back when visits and events will be possible once more.

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