The Church of Ireland Historical Society in Armagh

The spring meeting of the Church of Ireland Historical Society was held recently in Armagh Public Library. As Dean of Armagh and Keeper of Armagh Public Library, Gregory Dunstan chaired the meeting for the first time, and introduced each of the four speakers. Dr Robert Armstrong spoke on the subject ‘The Solemn League and Covenant (1643) and Protestant Ireland’; Professor David Fitzpatrick on ‘Non-Covenanters: why one-quarter of Protestant Ulster dissented in 1912’; Mr Robbie Roulston on ‘We must fight and fight and fight again: the Church of Ireland and opposition to free Protestant second-level education in the Irish State: 1966 – 1972’, and Dr Michael O’Neill on ‘A view into Ossory parishes in the 18th century: the evidence of Episcopal Visitation returns’.