Library internship Maeve Graham

Royal school 004
Maeve and some of the Royal School students during their Morning on the Hill.

The Library occasionally offers internships to students. Over the last two weeks we had the pleasure of having Queen’s student Maeve Graham working alongside us. Maeve says the following of her time at the Library:

“I am a student of English and Linguistics at Queen’s University Belfast and I was lucky enough to secure a two-week internship at Armagh Public Library this June. During my time here, I assisted the staff in giving the Royal School Armagh the “Morning on the Hill” tour, and I also assisted in dealing with requests for books and information for researchers.

Everyone whom I met was extremely friendly and welcoming and they made me feel like a valued member of staff. Armagh Public Library was a truly wonderful place to work and, moreover, I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity to discover an 18th Century time-capsule that holds an array of hidden treasures, located in my home city. Armagh Public Library really is “The Healing Place of the Soul”.”