Library information leaflet translated into braille

Mark Mooney, Officer Instructor with the Braille Unit at Maghaberry, presented the Keeper with a copy of the Braille translation of the Library’s self-guided information flyer. Pictured with Library staff members are volunteers who help at the Braille Unit. Image credit and copyright: Ian Maginess

The Library is very pleased that its information leaflet, which is given to visitors on their arrival, has now been translated into Braille. Produced and printed by the Braille Unit at HMP Maghaberry, the information leaflet will encourage visually impaired visitors to learn independently about a selection of items on public display. Examples of the Library’s holdings on view include illuminated manuscripts and early printed books, as well as bronze and metal antiquities in the Beresford Collection, and the French flag captured by the Armagh Militia in 1798 at the Battle of Ballinamuck. The information leaflet also explains how the Library’s collection is housed, still using the original shelving system from the eighteenth century.

The Very Revd Gregory Dunstan, Keeper of Armagh Public Library said: “The idea of producing the information leaflet in Braille came as a result of an approach by the Braille Unit of the Prison. As an Accredited Museum, and highly rated Visitor Attraction, we want to do all that we can to make our collections more accessible. We are most grateful to the Braille Unit of Maghaberry for making this step possible.”

Present at the official presentation of the Braille copies were Mr Mark Mooney, Officer Instructor from the Braille Unit, and Armagh resident, Miss Hazel Flanagan, who works as a volunteer in the Braille Unit. Mr Mooney said: “It has been an absolute pleasure to produce this leaflet for the Library, and I must take this opportunity to thank the Braille workers for their efforts in producing the final product. They are genuinely grateful that they have been given the opportunity to give back to society, which also helps promote their own rehabilitation.”