Bugs, Bees and Native Trees

Mr David Brown, Armagh Diocesan Youth and Children’s Development Officer, Mrs Eileen Trew, Principal of the Drelincourt School, Dr Stephen Day, Registry Officer, Archbishop John McDowell, The Very Revd Shane Forster, Pupils from the Drelincourt School. Image credit: Ian Maginess
Mrs Eileen Trew, Archbishop McDowell and a Drelincourt School pupil was taken with the cake with the logo for the all-island initiative ‘Bugs, Bees and Native Trees’. Image credit: Ian Maginess

Armagh Robinson Library and No 5 Vicars’ Hill are pleased to take part in the initiative ‘Bugs, Bees and Native Trees’.  This initiative supports young people and adults to address issues, even in small ways, of the environment, biodiversity and climate change by planting trees and undertaking other environmental projects. 

As part of the initiative, two rowan trees were planted in the garden of No 5 by Archbishop John McDowell and pupils from the Drelincourt School, Armagh.

The Archbishop is Chairman of both the Library’s Governors and Guardians and Drelincourt’s Board of Governors. 

Speaking ahead of the tree-planting, the Archbishop said, “We are reminded again and again that there are fewer trees per acre throughout the island of Ireland than in any other country in Europe. Trees are one of the great protections against global warming because of their ability to soak up carbon dioxide. While this is a modest contribution to the whole initiative, I am glad that the Library, No 5 and Drelincourt have all participated.”

Mrs Eileen Trew, Principal of the Drelincourt School, said, “Education is about preparing children for the future, but if we do not avert the climate crisis, that future for our children is at risk. Planting trees makes a difference and we are delighted to be involved in this initiative.”

The initiative is open to schools, youth, community and church groups and the native trees are sourced locally from Mr Sean Vallely.  Groups are encouraged to participate by going to www.bugsbeesandnativetrees.com  or by contacting the Church of Ireland’s Armagh Diocesan Youth and Children’s Officer, Mr David Brown, doycarmagh@gmail.com.