International symposium

Credit and copyright: Ian Maginess

Credit and copyright: Ian Maginess

Armagh Public Library hosted one part of an international symposium which was organised by Queen’s University, Belfast.

Twenty-four participants represented ten European universities at the three-day seminar, which was entitled ‘Processes of Religious Acculturation in the (very) long Fifteenth Century’.

Local symposium organiser, Professor John Thompson from Queen’s University, Belfast, was keen for Armagh Public Library to be involved in the event, because of the relevance of its collection to the symposium’s theme.

This was the second of three linked symposia as part of a collaborative European project on fifteenth-century religious attitudes and reading practices. The first symposium was held in Groningen and the last will be held in Vienna.

The Keeper of Armagh Public Library, Dean Gregory Dunstan, said, “We are delighted that this Library was chosen to host part of this second symposium and are grateful to Queen’s University for this joint collaboration. As part of our contribution to the symposium, we made available a display of relevant sixteenth and seventeenth century books from our collection. We hope that this will lead to further productive contact with the European universities”.

Image credit and copyright: Ian Maginess