Drelincourt school first to adopt a book in our fundraiser appeal!

Pupils from Armagh’s Drelincourt Primary School are the first to get behind our new book adoption campaign! The adoption campaign is part of our endowment fund appeal, helping to future proof our rare and fascinating collections and inspire new generations of visitors and scholars.

The Library was founded in 1771 by Archbishop Richard Robinson, who wanted his books to be accessible to people of all backgrounds for their enjoyment, research and inspiration.

The Library wants to protect this tradition and is inviting individuals, families, groups or businesses to adopt a book, a bespoke selection or a whole shelf.

From £50 to £1,000 and a little extra for some of the ‘star’ books, there are several ‘Adopt-a-Book’ option to choose from. Donations can be made in person at the Library or on this page below.

For more information, visit our adopt page.

The Drelincourt School adopted a 1699 theological book, written in French by Charles Drelincourt, the father of Peter Drelincourt, in whose honour Drelincourt School was founded in 1738. Peter Drelincourt came to Armagh from Northern France.

Archbishop John McDowell, Chairman of the Library’s Governors and Guardians, said,

The Library is an important cultural asset for the City of Armagh, indeed for the whole of Ireland. Archbishop Robinson may have founded the Library in the eighteenth century, yet it is up to every generation to sustain it and find new ways to make it relevant in their lives. I can think of nothing more fitting than for the children of the Drelincourt School to be the first to support this important scheme to augment Robinson’s endowment. Book and shelf adoption will allow everyone who visits and appreciates the Library to establish their own personal bond with this special place and ensure that it continues to benefit future generations.