General Info | An Introduction to a Morning On The Hill School Visit – the Library

This film provides an insight into the interactive guided tours that Armagh Robinson Library provides for school pupils. The film is aimed at Key Stage 2. You will find similar videos for the other buildings that are part of the trifold visit – No 5 Vicars’ Hill and St Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral – on our YouTube channel.

Learning Areas:

This series of videos support the Learning Areas of the World Around Us (WAU). They are especially useful for classes who are exploring their locality through the study of Armagh City or County, supporting the ‘place’ and ‘change over time’ elements of WAU.

Learning Experiences:

The videos may be used alongside classroom activities to support the curriculum areas and support the work of a Local study.

The videos can be used alongside Local Study lessons and support the development on Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.

Attitudes and dispositions:

The videos are designed to foster a curiosity and fascination for the past – pupils will want to find out more. Pupils will develop openness to new ideas and a respect for the history of themselves and others. It is intended that through studying the history of their local area pupils will develop a sense of community spirit.

Suggested Activities related to Armagh Robinson Library:

Robinson’s Architect – Studying the architecture of Armagh, create architectural plans of a library for Archbishop Robinson. Create plans for a library.

Instructional writing – Instructional writing on how to handle a book in Robinson Library and the equipment you would need.

Encourage pupils to think of other old precious things and why we must take care of them, things in their home or school.

Persuasive writing – Create a poster advertisement for the Robinson Library as a tourist attraction.

To book a FREE visit to the Library for your school, please email or call 028 3752 3142.