Armagh Robinson Library & No 5

Henry Irwin Newspaper Collections

– Indexes to the Henry Irwin Newspaper Collections in Armagh Robinson Library, annotated newspapers collected by Henry Irwin, ranging from 9th of February 1788 to 14th of November 1799. Indexes in PDF format:

  • Volume I, from the 9th of February 1788 to the 25th of May 1790
  • Volume II, from the 20th May 1790 to the 21st March 1793
  • Volume III, from 23rd March 1793 to the 21st October 1794
  • Volume IV, from the 22nd of October 1794 to the 10th February 1796
  • Volume V, from the 10th of February 1796 to the 10th of October 1797
  • Volume VI, from the 10th October 1797 to the 14th November 1799