General | Poetry in Armagh Robinson Library

Armagh Robinson Library promotes the written word and the spoken word. This film on poetry combines both.

It features Maria McManus, a poet, playwright and writing facilitator, who reads from a selection of poems, including ‘After Apple-picking’ by Robert Frost, ‘Postscript’ by Seamus Heaney, ‘A Blackbird Singing’ by R. S. Thomas and ‘Snow’ by Louis MacNeice. Maria also reads from two of her own poems, ‘Child of Mine’ and ‘Time’, before concluding with an extract from one of Jonathan Swift’s poems, ‘Lady Acheson Weary of the Dean’.

Afterwards Rachel Toner, the Library’s Visitor Engagement Officer, shows and reads from some of the works of poetry held in the Library, as well as Jonathan Swift’s ‘A Letter of Advice to a Young Poet’.

This film was funded by a grant from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.