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Object number Title Related people Date Image
P002473158 Deer hunt in forest landscape Sadeler, Aegidius/Giles, II, Engraver; Savery, Roelandt, Artist 1585 - 1629
P002473157 Portrait of [unidentified man] Dyck, Anthony van, Attributed artist 17th century
P002473144 Mary holding shroud N.C.F., Engraver 1600 - 1750
P002473116 Extase de saint Augustin Bosse, Abraham, Engraver 17th century 2nd half
P002473115 Panaux d'ornaments nouvellement. Ornamental prints Le Pautre, Jean, Engraver; Mariette, Pierre I, Publisher 17th century
P002473114 Vertical ornamental print Le Pautre, Jean, Engraver; Le Blond, Jean, Publisher 17th century
P002473113 Montans de trophées d‘ armes a l‘ antique, two vertical ornamental panels Le Pautre, Jean, Engraver; Mariette, Pierre I, Publisher 1659
P002473369 Portrait of Marie de Rohan Daret, Pierre, Engraver 1653
P002473112 Portrait of Louis XIV Nanteuil, Robert, Engraver; Rousselet, Giles, Artist 1667
P002473111 Spring Hollar, Wenceslaus, Engraver; Stent, Peter, Publisher 1644

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