No 5 Vicars’ Hill

No 5

The Registry Building

No 5 Vicars’ Hill was built in 1772 as the Diocesan Registry by Archbishop Richard Robinson as part of his plans for the improvement of the City of Armagh. It held records for the Church of Ireland and Armagh Diocese: the octagonal rooms contained many public as well as Church records. While the Diocesan records are no longer kept in the building, some examples are on display, with ancient coins, gems, significant prints, early Christian artefacts and other collections and curiosities from Armagh Public Library.

The deceptively large building, which resembles a modest dwelling from the outside, has a fascinating interior and retains many of its original features.

No 5 Vicars’ Hill

Interior No 5 ArmaghNo 5 will appeal to all age groups. There is an opportunity to explore the collections in more detail through the use of touch screens. Advice and information can be provided to those who wish to carry out more in-depth research of the archives, many of which are contained in the nearby Armagh Public Library.

Younger visitors can make use of activity sheets to write their name in Ogham, the earliest form of Irish. They can also handle replicas of some of the old coins, answer the quiz questions, have fun rubbing outlines of medals and ancient bronze objects and try the jig-saws of old prints.