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Object number Title Periodical Title Related people Place Date Imprint Languages Subject keywords Object_type
Object number Title Periodical Title Related people Place Date Imprint Languages Subject keywords Object_type
208019170 A Protestant In Purgatory : Richard Whately, Archbishop of Dublin / the Conference On British Biography Series ; Volume Ii, New Series Akenson, Donald Harman, Author; Arvhon Book, Publisher Hamden (USA) 1981 book
281041970 The Edge of Glory : Prayers in the Celtic Tradition Adam, David, Author; Triangle, Publisher London (UK) 1986
281042845 The Cry of the Deer : Meditations on the Hymn of St Patrick Adam, David, Author; Triangle, Publisher London (UK) 1988
300014481 The Church of Ireland: Ecclesiastical Reform and Revolution, 1800-1885 Akenson, Donald Harman, Author; Yale University Press, Publisher New Haven (USA) ; London (UK) 1971
710066473 The Irish Education Experiment : the National System of Education in the Nineteenth Century Akenson, Donald Harman, Author; Routledge & Kegan Paul, Publisher London (UK) 1970
715147641 Many Gifts : One Spirit : Report of ACC-7: Singapore 1987 Howe, J., Author; Anglican Consultative Council, Publisher London (UK) 1987
715360434 Education And Enmity: The Control Of Schooling In Northern Ireland, 1920-50 Akenson, Donald Harman, Author; David & Charles, Publisher Newton Abbot 1973
754616010 Daily Liturgical Prayer. Origins and theology Woolfenden, Gregory W, Author; Ashgate, Publisher [s.l.] 2004
773502033 Mirror To Kathleen's Face: Education In Independent Ireland 1922-1960 Akenson, Donald Harman, Author; McGill-Queen's University Press, Publisher [s.l.] 1975
851013309 Sandringham Church Ashton, Patrick, Author; English Life Publications Ltd, Publisher [s.l.] 1998